What We Do

Lawyer Metrics is a research company that focuses on issues and trends affecting the legal industry. Since our founding in 2010, we have developed two areas of expertise. The first is collecting and analyzing data that answer important questions related to organizational strategy and performance. The second is communicating those results to the world’s toughest audience—smart, skeptical lawyers and law students.


Partner Hiring

In a survey of managing partners, 96% expect growth through lateral partner hiring over the next two years, yet less than a third of those managing partners say that lateral hiring has been a highly effective strategy in the past. We use evidence-based due diligence to separate “A” candidates from “C” candidates, substantially reducing hiring mistakes.

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Associate Hiring

Nearly 50,000 students will graduate from law school this year. Firms, already strapped for money and time, will have to decide (1) who to interview and (2) who to hire. We use predictive indexes and behavioral interviews to help make these decisions, and more importantly, to increase a firm’s chance for success.

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Organizational Development

In a study of firm partners, high-performers consistently exhibited certain innate personality traits and management behaviors. We work with clients on a variety of projects to better understand what promotes success within a specific organization, resulting in enhanced talent management efforts.

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Lawyer Development

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We work with executive teams to develop data collection systems and then analyze the results to answer their most pressing questions.

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Internal Data Analysis for Strategy

A picture says a thousand words. And here, these words shape strategy. By creating a line-item analysis of your firm, Lawyer Metrics gives you the insight you need to make difficult decisions and answer complex questions — all through easily read, easily understood visuals.

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External Data Analysis for Strategy

Utilize the economic DNA of the market while leaving the science to us. Figure out where to grow, where to move and which potential clients are in your background with visuals that breakdown public and private companies by geography or industry.

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